Pope Quits – did the Knights of Malta have a hand?

Knight's of Malta Grand Master "Bertie"

Pope Benedict with “His Most Eminent Highness Fra’ Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, Most Humble Guardian of the Poor of Jesus Christ; aka Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie. “

I have to admit I was utterly flabbergasted when I heard the Pope had quit. It seemed bizarre as it was only recently that all the Knights of Malta met in Rome. The Pope although he has quit will still be a Knight of Malta along with the notorious and now dead Jimmy Savile also a Knight of Malta.

I can only presume that the crimes that the Pope has been getting up to, makes Jimmy Savile look very amateur. Maybe it was all about to come out so they retired him, who knows, but I thought he was there till death anyway, which traditionally with Popes is through murder.

Clearly the Knights of Malta have made there move and the pope is no more.

I smell a rat, a fish and an octopus.

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